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How To Unlock A Huawei Tablet If You Forget Password

Are you unable to remember your Huawei Tablet password and pattern lock? This article will explain how to unlock Huawei Tablet without resetting it or losing any data.

When using tablets, users frequently run into a problem: they don’t remember the password or code that has blocked their gadget. If you are faced with this problem, the article will explain how to unlock the Huawei tablet.

How To Unlock A Huawei Tablet

Every second of every day puts his phone under lock protection with a picture or password made from numbers. You can use these goals for different purposes: to protect the device against enemies or to keep it safe from others. All gadgets can now block access.

How To Unlock Huawei Tablet If You Forget The Pattern

If you haven’t used your tablet in a while, and not just for that reason, you might forget which graphic key you used. 

  • Email to restore access to your device
  • Reset tablet factory settings
  • Using the special Aroma FileManager app
  • Flash your smartphone.
  • Although you can update or change the firmware yourself, it is best to call a specialist service centre.

How Do I Recover My Email?

The developers of the Huawei tablet foresaw the day when users could forget the previously installed graphic keys. Depending on the operating system, you can use all devices to link data to an account such as Google or another.

A method to recover passwords via email was developed. Each device only allows you to enter your password once correctly. The tablet will not allow you to make mistakes if you use all of your attempts. 

You can then wait to re-enter or wait until you remember. This address will receive a message with information about the new key and permission to modify it.

How Do I Factory Reset My Huawei?

You should note that this method is perfect for unlocking the Huawei tablet if the password is forgotten. However, you will permanently erase all settings and information stored on the tablet. You can reset the Huawei tablet to factory settings by following these steps:

  1. Turn off power to the equipment
  2. Hold down the volume or power buttons.
  3. After lighting the screen using the buttons to adjust the sound, choose “wipe data/factory reset” and confirm your action by pressing the power button (if necessary).
  4. We expect to see the settings completely removed.
  5. After removing the tablet, click “reboot system” to restart it. It takes a long time.
  6. After rebooting, set up all necessary settings and then get to work.

This alternative is only available if the tablet isn’t tied to a Google Account. If this happens, it will block the device, and you will need to unlock it to make it work.

How Do I Perform A Hardware Reset?

Hart Reset is a hard system cleaning that deletes all data and restores factory settings. All user data is erased: browsing history and cache, phone book and call logs, cache, and other information. After cleaning, you cannot recover information. Two ways to unlock your Huawei tablet are available: Complete a Hardware Hart Reset >

  1. It is a standard factory reset. You must first disable the device.
  2. Next, hold down the volume or power keys.
  3. After the screen has been turned on, click on “Wipe data/factory setting” to activate the action.
  4. After cleaning the tablet thoroughly, click “Reboot” to restart it.
  5. After the reboot, the gadget will look just like it did in a shop.
  • Turn off the device to perform actions.
  • Double-press the volume/power buttons simultaneously;
  • Your screen will display a robot-like green.
  • It should produce a green light under the robot. The procedure is complete.
  • The above methods should allow you to unlock your screen now. If you have any problems, contact a service centre span>


We are all humans and sometimes forget passwords. These are the possible ways to unlock your Huawei phone without needing to reset it if you forget the unlock code. Choosing an economical method is always the best option. It would help if you chose the most effective solution to prevent losing your data.

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