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Telegram Allows You To Schedule Voice Chats In Channels

The Telegram platform also lets users edit their profile details, like their name and bio. From the voice chat window without terminating the conversation. Telegram only added voice chats in channels a couple of weeks earlier. Channel Admin can host live chat sessions, as the title indicates. 

As an example, the audio chat room characteristic on Clubhouse and the Areas characteristic on Twitter. An improved audio chatroom is included in Telegram beta 7.7. By including help with scheduling, performance will be improved.

Telegram Voice Channel

The Telegram voice channel can be created once it is scheduled. On the channel’s screen, a countdown timer will appear as a horizontal banner. Another scheduling feature for Spaces was also tested by Twitter last month. Using the Tweet Notify feature, hosts can announce upcoming voice chats via a tweet.

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By creating a Set Reminder button, interested parties can be notified as soon as it starts. Telegram users will be able to make changes to their profiles with the new version of the software. Title, bio, and avatar details are similar to those of the voice chat home windows themselves.

The dialog box keeps running without having to quit it. Although Telegram took a more progressive approach to the audio chat room than its rivals, it didn’t surpass competitor’s level of functionality. As an example, administrators of channels and groups can make documentation of voice chat sessions. People who somehow missed the conference may find it helpful.

Brand New Voice Chat Options

The brand new voice chat options are available if you’re eager to try them out. The Telegram beta 7.7 can be obtained from this web page. The feature should still reach your computer through a secure replacement. However, we suggest waiting a bit.

A channel icon will appear within the three-dot menu. Clicking on it will allow admins to schedule a voice chat. You can start a new voice chat by clicking the Start Voice Chat option and then tapping on the new Schedule Voice Chat option. Once they pick a date and time, they will schedule the event.

The top of the channel will show an announcement of the scheduled voice chat. Everyone can see the countdown. Telegram now has a voice chat scheduling feature, making it a more viable alternative to Clubhouse.

Along with scheduling support, Telegram lets users change their names and profile descriptions without closing a voice chat message. You can now access Telegram Tips by choosing Telegram Features in the app’s menu of features.

Telegram v7.7.0

You can use it to get the hang of the messaging app. Telegram v7.7.0 is currently only available on the beta channel, with the features mentioned above being available on Telegram v7.8.0. The soundtrack will be updated with Telegram v7.7.0 as soon as it is available.

Is voice chat a feature you would try out? Through this website, you can access Telegram beta. Although the quality will eventually arrive with a secure replacement, it is recommended to wait while it will reach.

Currently, Telegram’s latest beta version has only the features discussed above. Could you use a copy of the books? Here you’ll find the latest Telegram Beta. If you want the parts now, you have to wait for a few weeks to add to the stable channel. Telegram’s latest version will be provided on the challenging track as soon as it’s available.

New Telegram Beta

Several weeks ago, Telegram made voice chats available in channels. In short, it enables administrators to host live voice chat sessions similar to Clubhouse’s audio chats and Twitter’s Spaces. The new Telegram beta adds support for scheduling audio chat rooms.

Voice chat sessions can be recorded by administrators. Their saved messages window automatically saved the audio file after the meeting. Also, the recordings are useful for members who could not attend the live conference call. All participants must know how to read.  No matter if the telephone call was recorded or not.  The title of the voice chat can be seen by the red ring next to it.

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