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Mediatek Unveiled 5G Chipsets For Smartphones In India

Realme’s upcoming phone will be unveiled soon but not the specific details. During an interview with media, Madhav Sheth assured that the MediaTek Dimensity 700-powered 5G phone is coming soon to India. Dimensity 700 processor launched by MediaTek just last week.

The chipset is 7 nm in size. In addition to the capabilities of 5G, the device also supports 90Hz displays and is capable of clocking at 2.2GHz. Besides announcing its chips, Realme has also announced it will launch its first smartphone using the processor.

In terms of performance and user experience, Dimensity 1000+ is comparable to the flagship Dimensity 1000 series. With years of combined experience in the integrated chip technology industry. MediaTek has achieved breakthroughs and pioneered innovations in all aspects of communications, enabling the 5G era to come to fruition.

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Users of smartphones throughout the world will experience an incredible, flagship-level user experience when using Dimensity 1000+. It combines world-leading 5G innovations and power efficiency into a single integrated chip. Dr. Yenchi Lee added that the device has unique, innovative display and video technologies that distinguish it from the competition.

Mediatek Unveiled 5G Chipsets

As a leader in 5G technology and a populariser, Realme is committed to offering 5G-enabled smartphones to users with enhanced capabilities. Realme CEO said that its products would be accessible for people to live their desired tech lifestyles. Thanks to MediaTek, we are glad to embark on this journey together. Massification will continue when we work together. Work toward developing and nurturing a 5G smartphone ecosystem in India and globally.

Based on MediaTek specifications, the Dimensity 700 SoC is designed with two Cortex-A76 processors clocked at 2.2 GHz. Therefore, you also get six ARM Cortex-A55 cores running at as high as 2GHz. A maximum of 12GB of LPDDR4x RAM is supported, as well as UFS 2.2 2-lane storage. According to the manufacturer, an 8nm chipset is claimed to use 28 percent more power than an equivalent 7nm chipset.

As a result, it has a signal processor that can support two 16MP cameras or one 64MP camera. This MediaTek Dimensity 700 SoC paired with a Mali-G57 MC2 GPU has a maximum 950MHz frequency. Support for up to 2K video encoding is included at 30fps.

Display Support For Ultra-fast 144hz

Technology from MediaTek helps users experience a superior visual experience. It has the highest refresh rate in any display at 144Hz. Compared to an ordinary 60Hz display on most smartphones. It operates roughly 2.4 times faster per second.

144Hz displays include:

  • The best match for video and gaming apps with high frame rates.
  • In order to achieve this, motion blur and jitter must be eliminated.
  • Providing an incredibly fluid and challenging gaming experience.

Hyperengine 2.0 Gets New Technology Updates

Developed with HyperEngine 2.0 technology, Dimensity 1000+ incorporates the latest in graphics and video capabilities. Providing an immersive gaming experience by optimizing the entire smartphone.

Call and the upgraded Networking Engine enables data concurrency. When a call is received, the data connection must remain active. Power consumption is minimized while maintaining the quality of the user experience.

A lag-free gaming experience is also created with multiple peripherals coexisting to minimize any possible interference. Thus, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies need to communicate simultaneously, without latency, effectively lowering latency.

New Video Playback Enhancements In Miravision

Additionally, Dimensity 1000+ features MediaTek’s latest MiraVision technologies designed to deliver better picture quality per frame.

AI-PQ: It takes advantage of APU 3.0’s incredible power. Dimensity 10000+ features per frame dynamic contrast, sharpness, and color adjustments. Video and stream quality of 4K in real-time improved.

HDR10+ has Limitations: Dynamic range and details fine-tuned within the frame of 4K streams and videos. This picture quality is better than that of standard HDR10+. HDR-enhanced videos and streams from SDR sources.

MediaTek Dimensity 1000+, the first 5G smartphone from MediaTek, will become a benchmark for flagship-level consumer experiences. It has upgraded technology and a high-performance set of features.

About MediaTek Inc.

One billion connected devices a year are enabled by MediaTek fabless semiconductor company. There is a lot of cool home entertainment, connectivity, and Internet of Things products now. Due to our commitment to innovation, we have become one of the leading market forces.

Digital TVs, smartphones, tablets, 5G, voice assistants, and wearables are all examples of key technology areas. Technology from MediaTek enables people to achieve their goals and broaden their horizons through smart technology.

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