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The Amazon Prime Music Service Launches In India

Over 9 million episodes of podcasts will be available to Amazon Prime Music members in India. Amazon Prime Music officially launched its podcasts on Wednesday in India. All Prime members will have access to podcasts on the Prime Music app for no additional charge. The first episode of Amazon’s music streaming platform aired in September last year, but it is unavailable in India.

The platform will provide creators with access to local shows that are popular with the audience. There are also international Amazon Originals featuring artists such as Jay Shetty, Neil Bhatt, Cyrus Broacha, etc. Only available for Amazon Prime Music subscribers in various languages. You may also be interested in motivation, technology, business, comedy, fitness, and music.

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Amazon Prime Music Service

Exclusive international content will also be made available to Indian customers through Amazon Prime Music. On the Amazon Prime Music app, users will be able to listen to podcasts with Alexa using unlimited offline downloads and a hands-free assistant. There is going to be support for Amazon Alexa for podcasts. Alexa users can ask Jay Shetty to shout about On Purpose to them, or Alexa can tell Alexa to do so.

The Ted Talks Daily episode from last week is found here. The Amazon Prime Music app can stream podcasts and get them to Android and iOS devices. Amazon Echo devices as well as web browsers. Alexa has been added to the Amazon Prime Music app to enable hands-free listening to podcasts.

Voice commands allow users to request that Alexa play specific podcast episodes. Prime memberships, which are priced at Rs. 999 annually and Rs. 129 monthly, including premium features like offline access.

Prime Music visual apps

With Prime Music visual apps on mobile, you’ll have access to Amazon’s entire catalog of music on your mobile device. It offers recommended content from top categories. Access to trailers on show pages and charts for the most popular podcasts available to members.

So, in the words of Amazon Prime Music Managing Director Sahas Malhotra. With several locally and globally popular podcasts, we’re excited to launch Podcasts on Amazon Prime Music. In addition to listening to 70 million songs, our service will evolve as a complete music streaming service. Music, culture, content, and community fill an immersive destination ad-free.

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Managing director

Managing director of Prime Music Sahas Malhotra stated that the launch follows a long time. I am looking forward to offering some local and international podcasts through Amazon Prime Music. Now, our service will move beyond being just a place where you can listen to 70 million songs.

Our audio streaming experience is constantly being improved for the betterment of our customers. A new investment makes in entertainment with today’s launch. We are also continuing to evolve the service into a premier destination for music and culture.

In India, Amazon Prime Music has launched podcasts on its service. During this time where audio platforms are becoming increasingly popular. Based on KPMG research, India is the third biggest market for podcast listening in the world. A projection of 17.62 crores is estimated to be the market value of the Indian podcast industry by 2023.

The Third Biggest Podcast

Podcasts are becoming a popular audio offering in India when the country is creating a technologically advanced society. KPMG states that India is among the top three podcast-consuming countries in the world. A valuation of 17,62 crores is expected to be achieved by 2023. Growing at a CAGR of 34.5 percent over the past three years.

Our company runs on the belief that the time is right for launch. Podcasts are gaining popularity as people listen to them more and more. We offer even more opportunities to bring them to even more customers. Listeners have expressed a desire for a streaming service with the launch of podcasts on Amazon Prime Music. They will be able to stream the newest podcasts easily with that.

Listen to their favorite shows, or discover something new through this site. That’s what we’re doing. Music continues to be an important investment for us. With today’s launch, Sony will invest even more in entertainment. Our service will constantly evolve to be a premier destination for music and cultural events, said Malhotra.

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