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What is a Fiat Wallet and How to Use Fiat Currency?

The Fiat wallets connect the everyday money we use to buy goods and services with cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, it allows instant switching between cryptocurrencies and funds and the possibility of receiving and sending payments from anywhere the Fiat wallet is supported.

Fiat wallets are also a secure way to store money. Users who have continuously funded Fiat wallets can trade between cryptocurrencies and fiat instantly without having to wait for their bank to confirm the transfer or pay fees for their credit card. These advantages make it ideal for both crypto beginners and experienced traders.

Step-by-step guide to remittances and trading using the Remitano fiat wallet.

What is A Fiat Wallet?

With Fiat wallets, funds are deposited into exchange from the traditional financial system, such as SWIFT transfers or personal transfers.

It is then possible to conduct instant transactions with the money that has been deposited since it is fully compatible with the other cryptocurrencies on the exchange. As a result, trading cryptocurrencies, exchanging cash and investing become more accessible and faster.

A service of this type is known as an on/off-board ramp since it creates a link between the world of fiat money and the world of cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, Fiat wallets can be used to send remittances cheaply and quickly. As a result, they are also used to sending money from regions with similar monetary systems in a way that circumvents the banking system and its costly fees.

Typically, Fiat wallets are provided by exchanges to serve as a bridge between the monetary system and cryptocurrencies.

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Back End of Fiat Wallet

Similar to an online banking account, Fiat wallet transactions are stored on servers. In this type of wallet, no private keys are attached.

A cryptocurrency wallet does not hold the cryptocurrency. It is just a means of identifying the block in the blockchain where the address associated with the wallet has received some crypto coins. Coins are stored in the network’s distributed ledger. You can now do this either using the UTXO model of Bitcoin or using the global balance of Ethereum.

Fiat Wallets Reach

Fiat wallets are available only in countries or regions that use that monetary system. It makes them local. Someone using a Fiat wallet with a US dollar denominator cannot transfer dollars to Mexico using pesos.

A cryptocurrency is a global currency. So, you can use a cryptocurrency wallet to transfer funds to anyone using another cryptocurrency wallet. In our previous example, the individual exchanged funds for a stable coin, such as USDT, and then sent a crypto token to a friend in Mexico, exchanging it for pesos.

How Do I Deposit My Fiat Wallet?

Fiat wallets can only receive deposits in the denomination in which they are denominated. Therefore, if a Fiat wallet is in US dollars, it can accept only US dollars; if it is in euros, it can get only euros, etc.

On the other hand, most cryptocurrency wallets can hold multiple types of crypto coins and tokens within the same app. Moreover, as they can store various assets, they are more versatile than single-use Fiat wallets.

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How Do I Put Money in My Remitano Wallet?

Remitano provides Fiat wallets in several currencies to ramp up Fiat money and cryptocurrencies as a peer-to-peer exchange leader. They include:

  • Rupees of India (INR)
  • IDR (Indonesian rupiah)
  • Nigerian Naira (NGN)
  • Malaysian ringgit (MYR)
  • Venezuelan Bolivar Fuerte (VEF)
  • South African rand (ZAR)

How to Deposit and Withdraw From Remitano’s FIAT Wallet

Choose Wallet

Go to the dropdown menu on the Remitano site and select ‘Wallets.’

Select Your Currency

The wallet with the currency you want should be at the top of the list.

Click on Deposit.

  • Select a bank
  • After selecting your national bank, you will see the account to which you wish to send money.
  • To transfer money to the Remitano account, log into your online bank account. Don’t forget to include the reference message.

To Withdraw:

  1. Choose to withdraw from your Fiat wallet
  2. Select a bank and amount
  3. Conduct a transaction analysis

The withdrawal amount and the bank’s name need to be entered.

Verify that all information provided is accurate. All these steps are required to deposit or withdraw funds from your Remitano wallet. The process is easy and allows those users who fund their wallets to access the cryptocurrency market. It is possible to do instant transactions in various crypto assets and participate in the P2P exchange.

How to Keep Your Crypto and Fiat Safe and Secure?

A fiat wallet is only as secure as the platform it is hosted on. Therefore, the fiat portion of the wallet does not necessarily make it safer or more potent than the cryptocurrency side.

Crypto and fiat wallet providers use the best security protocols to protect their customers’ assets. In addition to encrypted data, the wallet provider will recommend that customers use multi-factor authentication, including a secure password and another security method, such as a temporary password or biometrics. 

A survey conducted in 2020 provides more information about the people using the Reimato Fiat wallet. Using the Remitano wallet, you can automatically complete trades and progress your transactions when entering the p2p marketplace.

Finally, Remitano’s Fiat wallet has 24/7 technical support from the exchange staff. The Fiat staff will respond to any questions about the Fiat wallet.

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