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What Is The Best Time To Post On Youtube 2021

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Without a doubt, YouTube is the biggest video-sharing website on the internet. YouTube lets you choose the best time to post on YouTube videos whenever you want. YouTube is a massive platform with 2.3 billion users. You can upload to YouTube at different times based on various factors. You can publish your YouTube videos at the right time. To understand the preferences of your YouTube audience, you must thoroughly research them. It’s best to post at a convenient time for your audience because it is entirely dependent upon their behavior. 

Furthermore, a few sources recommend posting at a specific time to YouTube to particular countries or regions. Therefore, it is more difficult to decipher when the site should upload. It would help if you kept these basic YouTube facts in mind when creating your YouTube videos:

Statistics On Youtube Video Views

YouTube’s largest market in the United States. But other major countries such as Brazil, Russia, China, India, and the UK are also significant markets.

  • Currently, more Americans aged 18 to 34 watch YouTube than watch TV networks.
  • Posting a video in advance will allow you to find it quickly and post it at a specific time.
  • YouTube has a much broader reach than other social media. Due to its long viewing period when thousands of videos can view.

What Is The Best Time To Post To Youtube?

According to several sources, different things should be considered when posting to YouTube. In existing studies, most YouTube channels prefer to upload content during the afternoon. Most people also agree that afternoons are the best times for posting. It is convenient for YouTubers to post during the weekdays. The weekend is a better time for posting videos. 

In general, YouTube channel owners should post on their channel between 2 and 4 pm on weekdays. During the weekend, it is best to upload YouTube videos between 9 am, and 11 am. Numerous sources state that posting to YouTube at the right time is best. The most practical way to figure out when is to analyze your audience’s online activity on YouTube.

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How Can I Post On Youtube On The Best Days? 

Typically, YouTube users prefer to use the platform outside of regular working hours since they tend to be more active then. YouTube posts are much more effective on Saturdays and Sundays, according to several sources. Users of YouTube are usually active during the afternoon during the weekends. It allows YouTubers for their videos to be indexed by YouTube in the morning.

Important Considerations

If you are planning on posting to YouTube, think about the best time. You must always put your audience first. For instance, if your audience lives in a different country. It is necessary to accommodate their time zone rather than your own. To ensure as many people as possible see your videos, make sure they are as visible as possible. 

When posting to YouTube, it is best to post at the right time. A variety of factors, such as your target audience, would be beneficial. Therefore, we have created a guide to elements that will increase YouTube video engagement.

1. Find Youtube Channels Relevant To Your Niche

In your niche, you need to monitor YouTube influencers. Through their content, you can learn more about your audience. Consider the frequency and time at which YouTubers post content. It will help you determine when you receive the most engagement within your niche.

2. Maintain Consistency

Posting your content to YouTube regularly and knowing the best time to post is equally important. Especially if your audience spends most of their time on YouTube, at the very least, consider posting twice weekly. Learning what frequency to upload to YouTube is best done by knowing your audience from top to bottom. In accordance with the frequency with which you post on YouTube, you will decide how often to update. Keeping track of your content distribution schedule is essential so that you don’t fall behind.

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3. Consider The Age Of Your Audience

You need to post on YouTube at the right time based on your audience’s age. People tend to be more active at certain times during the day based on their demographics. Taking the time to investigate this is important. Find out what time of day your demographic is most active on the platform.


YouTube’s best hour for posting is based on several studies. The most efficient way to determine the best time that works for you is to know what your audience needs. Taking advantage of YouTube analytics is a great way to gather demographic data about your target audience. By doing that, you will better understand how they use the platform.

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