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How To Tell If Your Nest Hub Has Been Updated To Fuchsia OS

A new version of Google’s operating system is now available. Nest Hubs from the first generation will support Fuchsia. Here are some different ways to check whether you have Fuchsia OS on your Google Nest Hub.

Imagine you are a member of the original Google Nest Hub preview program. Your software is soon updated. Cast OS currently uses Google’s Fuchsia operating system. No matter what, it will occur. After 9to5Google initially reported the switch, Google’s FuchsiaOS technical lead clarifies any doubt.

Fuchsia was deemed the replacement for Android or the beginning of a merging of Android. On the other hand, Chrome runs everything on Google. Moreover, Fuchsia was more interesting than its role as an RTOS for something mundane like driving a car. So it was an easy trap to fall into a Google Nest Hub, for instance, is built to control your home automation system.

How To Update The Fuchsia OS

The update is currently only available for a small number of Nest Hub devices. The Preview Program will begin with a few select participants. This update is being handled very cautiously by the company. Operating systems need to be switched on retail devices, which isn’t an easy task.

To get the Google Nest Hub 2018, you need a 2018 model. The original Google Home Hub was not the sleep tracking device released earlier this year.

Second, you must enroll in the Google Home Preview Program. Go to your Nest Hub by opening Google Home. Select Device Information before the Preview Program. At the top-right corner, tap the gear. You can check if you’ve signed up for preview updates on this page. Also, sign up if you have not yet done so.

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Finally, you must be patient. The Fuchsia update is not yet widely available. The Preview Program also applies to those who are enrolled. If you want to see if things have changed in the meantime, check back every few days or weeks.

Here’s How To See If Your Nest Hub Is Running Fuchsia

This particular update seems to be in Google’s interests. Therefore, putting the Nest Hub on Fuchsia instead of Cast OS will make it nearly invisible. There are no flashy signs or announcements of Fuchsia OS in the UI. Nor is it blatantly apparent from the interface that you are running the platform. To determine whether you’re running Cast or Fuchsia.

Method 1: Nest Hub Settings

  • Directly on your Nest Hub
  • You can determine whether Fuchsia has been installed
  • Click the quick panel icon on the bottom of your screen
  • A tap on the gear icon will open the settings
  • You now need to tap the device.

A similar layout is found on this page, as well as the Google Home app. In this section, look for a new bit of information called the Operating system version. Furthermore, it is not displayed at all on older versions of  Cast OS. You’re likely running the Fuchsia OS, according to the version of the OS displayed.

Method 2: Google Home App

  • In addition, you can check the Cast firmware version of your Nest Hub to see how close you are to the Fuchsia update. 
  • After tapping the gear icon 
  • You will find a Device Information option.

You can see both the system and cast firmware version of your Nest Hub on this page. You are likely running Fuchsia OS if you have a Cast firmware version of at least 1.52.256192. Lastly, make sure your system firmware is up to date. 

It would be 251641 if it were a short number. Cast OS is probably still running on your computer. If the format is longer, such as 1.20210119.2.1406, then it’s likely that your Nest Hub is updating to Fuchsia.

Method 3: User Agent

Your Nest Hub’s web browser is the most reliable way to check if Fuchsia OS has been installed. However, Google is probably trying to make the update as seamless and as unobtrusive as possible. Built-in web browsers cannot deceive you into believing that Linux still exists.

This tool lets you receive URLs cast to your computer. Nest Hub and Chromecast devices enable you to cast any URL. The Nest Hub is selected from the list of devices by pressing the Start cast session button. The Nest Hub will now open to a white page.

You are directed to a website that shows the user agent for your browser. So, a description of the browser you are using adds to every web page you view. This string should display Fuchsia if your Nest Hub runs Fuchsia OS.

As far as I’m aware, this is the only way for you to know whether or not your device is running Fuchsia. It is the best shadow launch Google has ever done. Maintaining the experience of the smart display is relatively unchanged. There are only a few instances where the Fuchsia-powered Nest Hub appears faster than one powered by Cast OS.

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