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How To Make Whatsapp Voice Messages Faster?

In June 2021, WhatsApp officially launched Fast Playback. It was initially rumore to be coming back in March 2021. With this feature, whatsapp voice messages played back more quickly. As a result, the listening time they reduced.

There are few options in the IM space. As a result, WhatsApp occupies the center stage. India and other Asian regions are extremely popular with their products. With such a vast user base, every little thing WhatsApp changes or introduces impacts billions of people.

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Audience members are sometimes more interested in dropping audio notes than text rather than writing them. Therefore, many voices notes sent to you on WhatsApp. With the IM app, you can choose the speed at which you want the messages to playback.

How Can I Use Whatsapp In 2x Speed?

Using them, users can send more information without needing to type it out. As well as being more personal, they are also easier to send. A message can get lost if there’s no context. But these help to convey that.

Approximately a month ago, this feature developed with the development and rollout of features on WhatsApp. Therefore, the rollout of beta users is a bit surprising. Additionally, Telegram and other messaging services are much faster. In WhatsApp Beta, 1x, 1.5x, and 2x buttons are now available for voice messages.

However, you may have difficulty listening to them if your friend is extremely chatty. So it helps to have fast playback. Each setting offers one of three options – a 1x, 1.5x, or 2x set, none of which affects the person’s pitch.

How to Fix WhatsApp Audio Speed?

When you need to skim over a voice note to recap what was said, this should be very useful. When I run through voice notes that a group has sent to see if I missed anything important. You will see the playback speed of a voice message when you press play. It is set to 1x by default. The rate increased by 1.5x or 2x by touching the speed. Click the play button.

After the launch of voice notes, options for playback speed available. It noted that the server-side activation is being performed for just a few users in the beta group, not for everyone.

The speech of some people is faster than the speech of others. Some people listen more quickly than others. Suppose you are annoyed by the discrepancy. Beta users now have the option of increasing playback speed

Users noticed and recorded the updated feature, and third parties confirmed it as well. I was utilizing an app build retrieved from the beta channel of the Play Store. In addition, there is no option to slow playback, which I know would be helpful for some users with hearing difficulties.

How Speed Up Whatsapp Voice Messages

You can speed up WhatsApp voice messages by following these steps: 

  • You can now open WhatsApp
  • You can speed up a voice message by tapping on the play icon 
  • You can change 1x to 1.5x by tapping on the 1x icon on the voice message. It will appear after pressing  play
  • To change 1.5x into 2x, tap the icon
  • You can switch back to 1x speed by tapping the 2x icon.
  • You can use these secrets and tips to make WhatsApp work better.

Many messaging services are now available. However, WhatsApp is incredibly popular and offers a host of features. Moreover, we offer a few tips to those who are new to WhatsApp.

General Tips And Tricks For Whatsapp

  1. Identify a contact’s location and send it to them
  2. All your chats are available for search
  3. Find a particular chat
  4. Video and voice calling are both available on WhatsApp
  5. Get to know who you frequently speak with
  6. You can save data by doing so
  7. Analyze your data usage
  8. WhatsApp is available as a desktop and web application.

Tips And Tricks For Whatsapp Privacy

  • Disappearing messages enabled
  • Viewing and turning off last seen
  • Blue ticks hidden
  • Make sure no one sees your messages
  • The photo in your profile is hidden

Whatsapp Fast Playback: How To Use It

On Android and iOS, the WhatsApp app offers Fast Playback. Furthermore, WhatsApp Web and Desktop are both available. A version of 2.21.101 or higher is recommended on your iOS device. So, then go to the WhatsApp app and make sure it’s up to date.

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