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How To Fix Corrupted Video Files MP4 [Free]

Do you have trouble playing MP4 videos? No matter what camera you use to record the video, you might need help making it work. When a video file does not work, installing the right codec may fix the problem. This article explains how to fix corrupted video files Mp4.

How To Repair Corrupted MP4 Video For Free?

Corrupted MP4 files are relatively easy to repair. Unfortunately, most video editing tools don’t come with MP4 repair apps, and Windows doesn’t come with them.

There are two reasons for this. First, MP4 files are hard to repair but also expensive to repair. When disaster strikes, most people do not repair damaged MP4 files.

How To Repair MP4 File with Video Repair Tools

The following three options can help youhow to fix corrupted video files Mp4 video:

  1. Media players like VLC Player are excellent free MP4 repair software because they run on most operating systems.
  1. If you purchase the full version of Kernel Video Repair Tool you will only be able to use the program for the benefit of your computer.
  1. Video formats supported by Stellar Video Repair include MP4,AVI, MOV, and MKV.

One-time offenders are probably better off using VLC Player. Because both Stellar and Kernel Video Repair trial versions are limited, repeating the full versions better serve offenders. Other options are available to you if VLC won’t repair a single file.

1- Fix A Corrupt Video File Using VLC Player

An MP4 repair tool like VLC Player is extremely versatile. It is the ideal app for repairing MP4 files. By converting corrupted video files to a working format, VLC can fix them.

Install VLC Player first. Using VLC Player, fix the corrupt file by:

  • Select Media from the menu.
  • Click Convert / Save.
  • Corrupt files should be added.
  • Select Convert / Save from the menu. Under Settings, select Convert.
  • The file type should be matched with the Profile. The wrench allows you to customize settings.
  • Click Start when you’re finished.

VLC can create a new, watchable version of your video file if it can repair it.

2- Fix with Kernel Video Repair Tool

If your video file needs serious repair, Kernel Video Repair Tool can help. A wide range of different file types can be repaired with Kernel Video Repair, and multiple MP4 video files can be repaired simultaneously.

Download Kernel Video Repair Tool and follow these steps to get started:

  • By clicking on the center button, your file will be added. The drag-and-drop method is also available.
  • In case a reference file is needed, upload it. It is possible to repair a damaged file by uploading a file from the same device of the same type.
  • From the menu, choose Repair Files.
  • The output folder can be selected. You will upload your fixed file here.
  • The program will work once you wait for it.

When you use the free version of Kernel Video Repair, the video will only be the preview for 30 seconds, which is only sometimes helpful. You can try alternative solutions or purchase the full program after it tells you if it’s possible to save your file first.

3- Stellar Video Repair Fixes Corrupt Videos

You can save your precious video files using Stellar Repair for Video if your files are corrupted. Using the right tools for a clean recovery is essential if you don’t want to lose important videos.

Stellar Repair for Video supports over 17 different video formats, including MP4, MPEG, MKV, MOV, WEBM, AVI, AVCHD, MTS,  MJPEG, DIVX, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, and F4V. A wide range of video formats can be recovered by the application, including 4K, 8K, 12K, HG, Full HD, and HEVC. Video in 360° and VR is also supported.

If you have multiple corrupted videos, Stellar Repair for Video allows you to perform batch repairs.

You can purchase a license for one or two years for Stellar Repair for Video, which is available for Windows and Mac. With the most expensive version, you can repair and recover photos, among other features.

Stellar Video Repair Has An Expensive Problem

If one video is corrupt and don’t know how to fix corrupted video files?, for example, you can repair it. You would be better off choosing Stellar Video Repair if it weren’t so expensive. You can only use up to 20% of the video using the free version. After that, getting access to all of the program’s features will cost you up to $149.99.

It is useful if you are regularly repairing corrupted MP4 files. However, if you’re only using the program occasionally, it can be a steep price. The problem with corrupted files is that if you already have one, it’s too late to fix it. Understanding why files get corrupted and how to prevent it might be easier, but if you’ve already got one, it’s too late.

So, what can you do if the video needs to be repaired completely? If you want to get your full video back, you can purchase a full license or use a little trickery. You can do it this way.

How To Fix Your MP4 in Its Entirety

Some work arounds can be used to make your files appear larger than they are, as demonstrated by YouTube user R3DLIN3S. Essentially, Stellar Video Repair is converting the 20% “preview” that it would normally give us into the entire file when the video is noticeably longer than before. Because the file has been massively extended, what we convert becomes the same as what we started with.

Move the corrupt file into a new folder after creating one. To make two identical corrupt MP4 files, copy the file. It will take three more steps to produce five identical files in one folder. When video files are large, they can be difficult to download. Your ability to distinguish between files will be enhanced when you rename them. It would help if you used sequential names such as VID1, VID2, VID3, etc.

To start Command Prompt, open it. Command Prompt may seem intimidating to those who have never used it before but don’t be intimidated. Start using Windows Command Prompt with our beginner’s guide.

You can start by hitting Win + R, typing cmd, and clicking OK. Next, enter the following command in the Corrupt File directory:

“copy/b VID1.mp4+VID2.mp4”

In this command, the first two MP4 files will be stitched together into one MP4. The first file will be replaced with the contents of the two files that have been stitched together. In the end, the two will be merged into VID1.mp4, even if it takes a while on weaker computers or with longer files.

The rest of the files will require the same steps. Enter the following commands into Command Prompt as you did previously.

copy/b VID1.mp4+VID5.mp4

copy/b VID1.mp4+VID3.mp4

copy/b VID1.mp4+VID4.mp4

You can extend VID1’s length by adding the other files on top of it since it is constantly being lengthened. Check the file size of your VID1.mp4 file at any point in the process to see if this has worked. It’s working if it keeps getting longer with every addition.

How to fix corrupted video files? Using the Stellar Repair Tool, you can fix the file once it has grown five times in size. The tool might be worth paying for in the future if you plan to use it again rather than repeatedly using this trick.

Corrupt MP4 Files Aren’t Always Lost

A corrupt MP4 file can be extremely frustrating; it never becomes a problem, even if it ends on the cutting room floor. So instead, you tend to save and use those you want.

These methods cover us no matter what when repairing damaged MP4 files. In most cases, corrupt video files can be fixed with proper file management. Even so, being prepared always pays off in an emergency.