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How To Disable Apps On A MIUI Android – MIUI Hidden Settings

Users who prefer a sleek and organized device may be frustrated by unwanted pre-installed apps or bloatware on their Xiaomi phones. These apps can be easily disabled or removed from MIUI devices. Even if you disable an app, it will continue to use up space on your device after it is disabled. We will discuss how to disable Apps on a MIUI Android Device in this article.

How To Disable Apps On A MIUI Android Device

You can improve the overall performance of your device by removing the apps and freeing up storage space. MIUI devices can be disabled in several ways. Here are a few of them.

1. Hidden Settings Disabled from MIUI Apps

MIUI’s Hidden Settings app gives users access to all settings that are not readily visible. Applications can be disabled if they aren’t needed. Using this app, you may not be able to disable all applications or uninstall all of them.

Ensure you research any applications before disabling or uninstalling them, as some are essential to the operation of your computer. Removing certain functions may prevent you from using certain features, depending on your phone.

Disabling unwanted apps is as easy as this:

  • You can download the Hidden Settings for the MIUI app on the Google Play Store
  • Download it and install it
  • Go to the Manage Applications section of the app
  • Scrolling over and tapping an app can disable or delete it from your device
  • Disable or uninstall the program
  • In the pop-up that appears, click Disable app

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2. ADB & Fastboot For Removing Bloatware

Using Fastboot and ADB, it is possible to remove unwanted apps from Android devices. However, ADB and Fastboot knowledge is required, or following instructions carefully can make the process challenging for some.

Follow these steps to remove unwanted apps with ADB and Fastboot:

  • Ensure that ADB and Fastboot are installed on your computer.
  • Your Android device must be enabled for USB debugging.
  • In Settings, tap the Build Number seven times to access Developer Options.
  • Enable USB Debugging in Developer Options.
  • Learn the app package names by downloading and installing App Inspector.
  • USB cables are available to connect Android devices to computers.
  • At a command prompt, type adb devices to see whether your device has been detected.
  • The output should include the device ID if your device has been detected.
  • Enter the following command to remove an app: adb shell pm uninstall it.

The package name of the app you wish to remove should be substituted for com.package.name. Then, using the App Inspector, you can find the name. If you wanted to remove Facebook, for example, the command would look like this:

  • Com.facebook.katana: pm uninstall -k
    • Enter the following command to disable an app instead of removing it: adb shell pm disable-user –user
  • Replace the com.package.name in the command with the app’s package name you wish to disable.

Without rooting your MIUI device, you can disable or remove unwanted apps. The removal of apps, however, should be done with caution. Security apps should not be uninstalled, as they may cause boot loops.

3. Using Universal Android Debloater – To Get Rid Of Bloatware

Using ADB, Universal Android Debloater detects your MIUI device, retrieves all installed apps, and enables easy uninstallation from one place. Your device can be cleaned of unwanted apps or bloatware by using this open-source application.

Using Universal Android Debloater, you can get rid of bloatware by following these steps:

  1. Trusted sources should be used to download Universal Android Debloater. Once you have downloaded the ZIP file, extract it on your computer.
  2. Your PC needs to be configured with ADB and Fastboot.
  1. Navigate to Settings, select About the Phone, and select USB debugging after tapping the Build Number seven times. The Developer Options should be set to enable USB Debugging.
  1. Your Android device should be connected to your computer with a USB cable.
  1. Once your device is detected, refresh the tool. Your phone’s installed apps will be displayed by the tool.
  2. You can remove apps by checking the box next to them and keeping them by unchecking them.
  1. Please tap on the uninstall button to begin removing them. It would help if you also uninstalled apps that will not affect the performance or functionality of your phone.

Note: If you remove certain system apps from your device, your device may become unstable. Debloating your phone should always be preceded by a backup of your data.

Conclusion – How To Disable Apps On A MIUI Android Device

It is possible to improve the performance of your MIUI Device by removing or disabling undesired apps. However, caution should always be exercised before taking any action. If essential system apps are disabled, unexpected consequences may occur, and your device may even be damaged.

In light of that, you should research an app’s functionality and impact before disabling it. You should proceed cautiously and seek expert advice if you need more clarification. On your MIUI device, you can effectively disable unnecessary apps by following these precautions.

What are your favorite methods for disabling apps on your phone? What other methods are there for removing bloatware effectively? In the comment section below, you are welcome to share your thoughts.