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How To Add Contact Picture In Samsung j7

In our conversation, we will focus on what most people are likely to find appealing. How to add contact picture in Samsung j7? It’s a straightforward process and can be used to improve the human aspect of mobile phone exchanges that have become less and less.

If you want to view the image of the individuals who call you, then you’ll find it simple to do. It is necessary to go to the contact application on your Samsung Galaxy J7. When you’re there, look for the contact card for which you want to upload photos and then open it up.

If you’re on the contact card, you’ll be able to edit the contact form by pressing the pen icon at the top of the display screen. When you’re on the Screen to edit your contact information, click on the avatar. Your Samsung Galaxy J7 will then give you two options:

  • Take a photo instantly or choose an existing photo.
  • If you choose to go with the first option, you will only need to snap a photo and save it.
  • If you select the 2nd option, your Samsung Galaxy J7 will take you to the mobile gallery, where you’ll choose the best photo. 

All you need is to save it, and you’re good to go. The image will be displayed when the contact calls you from your Samsung Galaxy J7. 

How Do I Add A Picture To A Contact On My Samsung Phone?

The phones’ settings, such as the Samsung Galaxy J7 SM-J710F, permit you to visualize many elements. It goes way beyond changing the background of your desktop or the general theme.

The user can change the contact photos on Samsung Galaxy J7 SMJ710F to ensure that you can observe the face of the caller in the event of an incoming call. All you have to do is choose the option that seems most practical to you.

How Do I Find My Contact List From Samsung Galaxy J7?

If you own a Samsung Galaxy J7, the SM-J710F can manage your phone settings and phonebook settings through the built-in Contacts application.

Many options are available for editing the phonebook. If you would like your phone to show the person’s face when you make an incoming call, you can do these things:

  • Launch using the Contacts application. It’s usually on the Main Screen. Find it in the applications list.
  • When you launch the app, you’ll find a list of phone numbers from your phonebook right before you.
  • You have the caller’s ID in your view. If there is a picture already in place, you will display the photo at your Screen’s top. If there’s no picture there, you’ll see an Android icon instead. To edit or add an image, press the pencil button. You can use it to edit.
  • Below, you’ll see options that allow you to change the name and other settings for the person calling. However, we’re attracted by the image and click on”camera.
  • If there’s no photo, Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) The SM-J710F phone will prompt you to snap a photo of the person or select the photo taken from an existing album. Most of the time, users choose the second option and choose “Choose photo”.
  • The “Gallery” will open, and you will be asked to select a suitable image.
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) The SM-J710F may provide editing options for the image.
  • Back to the page for changing the settings for Caller ID. Check to see if the updated settings save.
  • The photo has been selected; you can see the caller’s image during the call.
  • Be aware that you can install any other image on your phone as a photo.
  • Installing Contact Photo in Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) SM-J710F through the “Gallery” section

How To Add Contact Picture In Samsung j7

You can view the pictures on the Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) with SM-J710F through the standard Gallery application accessible on all Android smartphones. Therefore, it is logical to make use of it to pick photos of contacts:

  1. Start”Gallery” “Gallery” in any way you’d prefer.
  2. Choose a good picture and click on it.
  3. You can open your pop-up menu using the three dots button on the page you are viewing.
  4. Hit the “Set picture as” button.
  5. Choose “Contact picture” from among the options.
These settings will automatically save, and on the next call, you will see the latest image of the caller.

How Do I Set A Picture To All My Contacts?

If you’d like to add an image to every one of your contacts but don’t dare to accomplish it manually, remember that there’s an application to automate the process. Certain applications like Contact Photo Sync permit you to upload a picture to your contacts automatically.

Do you wonder how well it does? It will search for the photos of your profile on social media networks of your friends. To use the app, you should download and install it. Then, you can set up the application to let you follow the instructions, and the trick is done! Your contacts will all have an image in your Samsung Galaxy J7.

How Do I Change My Contact Picture On My Samsung J7?

  1. Tap the Contacts icon by swiping upwards from the screen at home.
  2. Select the contact 
  3. Details about the tap
  4. Press the EDIT button
  5. Select the image currently in use or the empty place.
  6. The Gallery icon is tapped (lower-left).
  7. Tap Gallery.
  8. Choose the image you prefer.
  9. If required, you must navigate through the relevant album.
  10. If displayed, alter the crop size of the photo, and then press DO (upper-right).
  11. Tap SAVE (upper-right).

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