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How To Setup A Hotspot On iPhone 5 Step By Step Guide

Connect your device by going to Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot or Settings > Personal Hotspot. Verify that your Wi-Fi password is correct and your phone name is correct.  How to setup a hotspot on iphone 5?

Using the Mobile Hotspot feature on your iPhone 5, you can turn it into a Wi-Fi or Mobile Hotspot to share your Internet connection with other devices. A user of an iPhone, particularly a business traveler, will be able to stay connected regardless of Wi-Fi availability nearby.

How To Setup A Hotspot On iPhone 5

iOS 4.3 allows iPhone users to make their smartphones into mobile hotspots. As long as your iPhone 5 has a signal, you can use it as a mobile hotspot without a modem. Once the iPhone 5 receives the Wi-Fi signal, it can easily connect to other Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

If you are an iPhone 5 user and want to learn how to turn on the mobile hotspot feature, follow these easy steps.

How To Use A Personal Hotspot With Wi-fi, Bluetooth, Or USB

Wireless, Bluetooth, and USB connections are all available to connect to a Personal Hotspot. iOS 13 and later allow connected devices to stay connected to a Personal Hotspot. The device will remain connected even if the display is turned off. You will still receive notifications and messages on these devices..

A blue status bar appears when connecting a device to your Hotspot, showing how many are connected. Your iPhone model and carrier will determine how many devices can simultaneously use your Hotspot. If other devices are connected to your Hotspot via Wi-Fi, you can only use cellular data from the host device. 

  • Mobile Hotspot is not free, so you’ll have to inquire about tethering plans and fees with your wireless carrier. If your carrier is Verizon, you may have to pay $20/month for 2GB of data. Users of AT&T’s plan will pay $50/month for 5 gigabytes of data.
  • Check to make sure your iPhone 5 and other mobile devices can connect to the Mobile Hotspot.
  • Select Setting –> General –> Cellular –> Personal Hotspot.
  • Now, you click the “Off” button on Personal Hotspot. You will change the button to the “On” position, and you can now check if the iPhone 5 has enabled Hotspot.
  • By choosing the “Wi-Fi Password” option from the “Options” menu on your iPhone 5, you can also set a password.
  • Now that your iPhone 5 is set up as a Mobile Hotspot, you have completed the process.

Sometimes the mobile hotspot connection doesn’t work correctly, and the connection doesn’t work smoothly.

Alternative Method How To Turn On Hotspot On iPhone 5?

  1. The iPhone 5’s Hotspot can be enabled by turning it on.
  2. Go to Settings > Cellular to access your Hotspot.
  3. If prompted, click the On switch and enter the password.

Some Additional Tips And Considerations

  • Your iPhone’s battery will be significantly drained.
  • It is necessary to use WPA2 for hotspot and upgrade the wireless card if your older device doesn’t support WPA2.
  • Cellular network connections can be weak, and your Mobile Hotspot connection can be disrupted if the signals are weak. Once the signal is restored, you may try reconnecting it.
  • Tap Settings—->General—->Cellular—->Data Roaming if you are outside of your carrier’s coverage or if you are in a roaming state with your iPhone.
  • The mobile hotspot feature should be turned off immediately after use in order to avoid any unnecessary charges.

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